Return to Campus – Faculty

Find out what’s new, what’s changed, or what’s stayed the same.

Welcome back to campus! Whether you’ve been away for a few week or a few months, the below faculty resources are compiled to help navigate your return.

For new and returning faculty, please refer to these FAQs and resources for a smooth transition. Review these topics between now and the first day back in-person on campus to ensure a productive first day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Classrooms and Collaboration

  • How should faculty prepare for a safe and seamless teaching and learning experience for all regardless of location? 
    • The safety of faculty and students during in-person classroom instruction continues to be a top priority at Northeastern. Faculty are encouraged to leverage university resources, including becoming comfortable with Northeaster’s learning management system (LMS), Canvas, to prepare for a safe and engaging experience for all.  This comprehensive prepare for the classroom checklist provides both safety and teaching resources a seamless return to campus. 
  • What kind of audiovisual equipment and technology is available in the classrooms?
    • NUflex classroom technology is available for instructor use in classrooms. The web-conferencing system supports teaching and learning, and supports digital flexibility through cameras, microphones, computers, a projection system, and integrated software.
  • What support options are available to instructors in the classroom?
    • For instructors on the Boston campus, email for rapid dispatch to each classroom- be sure to include the building name and room number in the email subject line.
    • Instructors in the global campus network can connect with technical staff by emailing
    • Canvas phone and chat support is available 24/7, and additional information is available by clicking on ‘Help’ in the left navigation pane. 

IT Support

  • Have support options changed on campus individuals?  
    • Walk up services for IT is back on onsite for any IT assistance needed. In addition, complete around-the-clock Northeastern tech support is still available for faculty, students, and staff. For technology questions or assistance, contact the Tech Service Portal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via: chatemailphone to find answers and explore services
    • For instructors on the Boston Campus, email for rapid dispatch to each classroom- be sure to include the building name and room number in the email subject line. Global Campus Instructors can connect with technical staff by emailing
    • The Northeastern Services Now Mobile App delivers Northeastern University’s Tech services and support resources in a mobile experience. Conveniently access technical, wellness, and other resources all in one location while on the go. Now Mobile is available for iOS and Android users.


  • Should loaned university devices be returned?


  • Have wireless and network connections changed or stayed the same on campus?
    • There have been no changes to connectivity on campus.
  • Will it be easy to start using printing services on campus again?
    • There have been no changes to printing on campus.


  • How are phone calls on campus made and received?
    • Campus phone lines have migrated to Microsoft Teams Calls to make and receive calls at Northeastern. Desk phones and handsets were disconnected then recycled, and headsets provided to enhance the Calls features in Microsoft Teams.
  • Will university numbers or extensions work in Microsoft Teams?
    • Yes, existing university numbers and department users were migrated to Microsoft Teams Calls. To verify a phone number in Teams, select the Call button, and below the dial pad, the Teams calling number will be displayed.
  • What if there is an emergency in a building or classroom?
    • Teams calling supports all calls, including emergency calling. For emergencies, including Police and Medical, the Northeastern Police are available 24/7 by calling (617)373-3333. For Fire or any other emergencies, dial 911. Be sure to provide name and location to any emergency services. Blue Phones installed around campus will directly connect to Northeastern Police and Emergency Services.
  • What is the process for phone numbers that were forwarded prior to going remote?
    • All call forwarding and delegation are now in Microsoft Teams Calls. Old call forwarding rules were removed during the transition. Teams Calls features call forwarding, accessed through the Calls tab within Teams.
  • For individuals not on Teams Calls, how does a department make a line request?

File Storage 

  • Will the file storage process change while on campus? 
    • File storage remains the same. For department-wide files, SharePoint and Teams remain the recommended secure online storage solutions. For personal files, OneDrive is recommended.

  • What is happening to the Q Drive? 
    • The Q drive has started a phased retirement. To prepare for this transition, faculty and staff and encouraged to transition files to SharePoint and OneDrive.