Return to Campus – Students

Find out what’s new, stayed the same, or changed for a smooth transition and a fluid collaborative learning environment.

Welcome back to campus! Whether you’ve been away for a few week or a few months, the below resources are compiled to help navigate your return.

For new and returning students, please refer to these FAQs and resources for a smooth transition back. Review these topics to ensure a productive first day.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Classrooms and Study Spaces 

  • How should students prepare for a safe and seamless return to campus and learning experience for all regardless of location. 
    • The safety of students, faculty and staff during in-person classroom instruction continues to be a top priority at Northeastern. Students are encouraged to leverage university resources to prepare for a safe and engaging experience.  Start with the Student Hub, a versatile student home base for key class information, applications, resources, and community engagement.  
    • For a simpler more connected learning experience, Canvas provides students a mobile-first and accessible interface to engage in course content for a simplified class and online learning experience.  
  • How are collaboration and study spaces located and reserved on campus? What is available on campus for study and meeting collaboration and how are they reserved? 
    • Student Study Spaces can be reserved on a first come first serve basis for quiet safe study locations on campus. Search for desks and spaces to book based on building and other location details, date, time, capacity, and other criteria. Different locations may have different amenities, restrictions, and on-site procedures.
    • Outside of classrooms and residence halls, designated collaboration locations on campus can be reserved to provide students with safe places to study and meet in small groups.

IT Support

  • Have IT support options changed for onsite individuals?  
    • Walk up services for IT is available onsite for any IT assistance needed. For technology questions or assistance, contact the Tech Service Portal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via: chatemail, or phone to find answers and explore services
    • The Northeastern Services Now Mobile App delivers Northeastern University’s Tech and Wellness Portal services and resources in a mobile experience. Conveniently access technical and other resources all in one location while on the go. Now Mobile is available for iOS and Android users. 


  • Should borrowed equipment and hardware be returned? 
    • If you had borrowed equipment needed to work off campus during the pandemic, and you are now back on campus, please make arrangements to drop off any equipment no longer needed. 
  • What about availability of equipment on campus such as laptops?
    • If new equipment is needed on-campus, a request may be submitted through Locker and Vending Services
    • For any other concerns with return to campus support contact We Care, Northeastern’s support system that aids students when issues arise that may impede their success. 


  • Have wireless and network connections changed or stayed the same on campus?
    • There have been no changes to connectivity on campus. To access ResNet, the university’s wired residential network students must submit annual registration requests for each wired device including laptops, gaming systems, and smart tv’s.
  • Will it be easy to start using printing services on campus again?
    • There have been no changes to printing on campus.

File Storage 

  • Will the file storage process change while on campus? 
    • Microsoft OneDrive is Northeastern’s recommended storage option for personal files. 


  • What are the current Wellness Protocols to support returning to campus safely?

  • Where do I go to schedule COVID-19 testing?