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Welcome to the Northeastern University community! Connect to Tech is the go-to guide for helping Mills faculty, staff, and students navigate technology for teaching, learning, research, and day-to-day life at Northeastern. 

Support throughout your Northeastern journey.

You probably have lots of questions about what learning, research, and work will look like at Northeastern. This guide will help support you through this transition, answer questions, and direct you to the resources you need to succeed during your career at Northeastern. Check back often, as this site will continue to be updated with information.

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Key Resources

On-site and virtual IT support

Reach out anytime, the Northeastern IT Service Desk is available to help 24/7. Find on-campus, phone, email, and online support options.

Mobile learning iPad initiative

All students starting at Mills College at Northeastern this fall 2022 will receive a new Apple iPad Air at no additional cost. 

Email and collaboration

Once you have claimed your Northeastern account, migrate your email and related data to your Microsoft 365 inbox. Learn more about the migration process and how to prepare. 

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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get access to Northeastern systems?

Your Northeastern username and password will provide access to many of Northeastern’s most frequently used sites and services. Claim your Northeastern account and set your password at

What is Duo and how do I set it up?

Duo is Northeastern’s two-factor authentication service, and every Northeastern account holder is required to enroll in it. Please wait approximately 30 minutes after claiming your account; then, visit to enroll in Duo. Once enrolled, you can manage your Duo 2FA settings at any time.

Two-factor authentication an extra layer of security that helps protect your online identity and personal information, as well as institutional research, data, and intellectual property.

Will my Mills username and password still work?

Your Mills username and password will continue to work after July 1.

How do I manage my Northeastern password?

After activating a Northeastern account, update your password or manage account settings anytime by visiting

Where can I find my NUID number?

Your NUID is your Northeastern ID number. Students can find it in the Student Hub. Employees can find it in their Workday profile, as well as on the myNortheastern portal.


Do I get a Northeastern email address?

Yes. A email address is provided as part of claiming your Northeastern account and your Northeastern Microsoft 365 license. Visit to set it up and start using your Northeastern mailbox right away.

  1. Visit
  2. Enter in your Northeastern account username followed by “” and hit next.
  3. Select Active Directory.
  4. Use your Northeastern password. 

Learn more about accessing and using your Northeastern Microsoft 365 Email and Calendar.

What about my Mills email address?

Your email address should be your primary email account. However, your access to your Mills email account will continue after you claim your Northeastern account.

What will happen to my Mills email data?

In August, Northeastern will automatically migrate staff and faculty Mills Google email, calendar, and contact data to the associated Northeastern Outlook accounts. Student accounts will be migrated at a later date. The university will turn on email forwarding from addresses to addresses as part of the migration. You will receive details about this transition via email closer to your assigned migration date.

For more information about what to expect before, during, and after the email migration, see the migration checklist.

How do I forward my Mills College emails to a Northeastern account?

If you prefer not to wait until the email migration is complete to set up forwarding, follow this article to learn how to forward emails from your Mills Gmail to your Northeastern account in Outlook. 

Will my Google Drive files also migrate? 

Mills Google Drive files will not be automatically migrated. While access to Mills Google Drive or Millswork is not expected to change before spring 2023, you may benefit from migrating your Drive files to OneDrive.

What will happen to email accounts?

No changes are currently planned for accounts.


What network should I use on campus?

For wired connections, use existing Mills wired networks. For wireless service on campus, use the Eduroam network with your Northeastern username and password. Learn more about connecting to Eduroam.

Will I need to use a VPN?

The Northeastern VPN is required for certain Northeastern resources, including shared departmental ( Q: ) drives, Banner, certain library databases, and data centers. Install Northeastern’s VPN service, Global Protect, by visiting Learn more about Northeastern’s VPN and remote access.

Where should I store and manage my files?

Microsoft OneDrive is Northeastern’s preferred cloud storage option for individual use, and Microsoft Teams is the recommended file storage option for departments and groups.

For guidance on shared file storage solutions, such as files shared among a department or team, request a Digital Solutions Consultation with the Digital University Solutions team.

Will I receive a new computer, and where do I get one?

Check with your home Northeastern department on computing needs. Computer packages may be purchased by departments for university use. Discounts on personal computer purchases are also available to members of the Northeastern community. Visit to learn more.

Teaching and Learning

How do I get access to Canvas at Northeastern?

Northeastern Canvas can be found at From there, log in to access to the Canvas learning management system and find training and support resources for both instructors and students. 

I’m an instructor. How do I get a development shell in Canvas?

All courses listed with the Registrar are added to Canvas automatically 12 weeks before the semester starts. Instructors who aren’t yet assigned a section through the Registrar but who would like a blank Canvas shell to begin creating content can request a development shell using this form. 

How can I migrate my Mills Canvas content to Northeastern’s Canvas?

Instructors who would like content migrated from the Mills Canvas and placed into a development shell on the Northeastern Canvas can use this form to request migration.

How can I learn more about the Northeastern Canvas environment?

An on-demand training designed especially for Mills instructors new to the Northeastern Canvas environment is available. Additional training on other technology services may be found on the ITS training website.

What are best practices for using Canvas at Northeastern?

Canvas offers a digital home for students who may be accessing courses from across campus or across the globe. The start-of-term checklist will help instructors best prepare Canvas courses for students. 

For how long will Mills Canvas be available?

Mills Canvas is available to Mills instructors in view-only mode through February 15, 2023. Mills Canvas is not accessible to students. Mills students with a Northeastern account can request an archive of their submissions.

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