Meet Your New iPad!

It’s time to get comfortable with your new iPad. From the classroom to the dorm roomand everywhere in betweenyou’ll learn that your new iPad will help you be more productive and creative. Here are some great resources to use as you get to know your new study-buddy.  

Set It Up and Connect It

The first thing you’ll need to do is sign in and set up an account. If you haven’t done this before, here’s how you do it. Do you already have an Apple account? Simply, sign in and connect your iPad to your account. Don’t have an Apple account? It’s easy to create one. First, tap “Forgot Password or don’t have an Apple ID?” When prompted, enter your birthday and name. Then, select either “Use your current email address” or “Get a free iCloud email address”. Follow the onscreen steps to verify your account and set up two-factor authentication (2FA). 

Each device kit includes a 12-month premium 5G cellular plan—all at no cost to you.  

Personalize It with Apps 

iPads are powerful tablet devices that get better with every App. To help get you started, here are some important Apps to help power through your day.  

  • Now Mobile (Support Portal) The Now Mobile App delivers direct access to IT support and other services and information. After you download the App, log right in using your Northeastern username and password. Learn more about Now Mobile > 
  • Duo Mobile (2FA): All Northeastern University community members who have an account to access university systems and services online are required to enroll in and use 2FA. 2FA is a form of security that protects your identity and account with two layers of authentication. Learn more about 2FA >
  • Quizlet (Flashcards) 
  • Headspace (Meditation and Sleep)  
  • Microsoft Office 365 
  • OneNote (Microsoft’s Digital Notebook) 
  • Notability (Note-taking and More) 
  • Microsoft Outlook (Email) 

All of these (and more!) can be downloaded by visiting the Apple App Store at While you’re there, look for games and entertainment Apps to help you relax and enjoy your downtime.  

Accessorize It

Your kit includes an Apple Pencil and a Magic Keyboard. The magic keyboard’s built-in trackpad provides a great typing and computer-like experience for the tablet. And now, you’ll never need to borrow a pen again! The Apple Pencil is a digital writing implement that enhances note-taking, drawing, and other ways to express thoughts and creative ideas. It can be used as a stylus but also allows you to take notes, mark up documents, design, and more.  

Share It 

Since every student and instructor will be outfitted with a new iPad for fall 2022, sharing your work couldn’t be easier. Whether it’s a group project or a class activity, there is no longer a need to fuss with emailing files. AirDrop allows you to share documents, websites, videos, photos, and more with other Apple devices that are close in range, wirelessly. Learn how to use AirDrop on iPad > 

Working in groups is super simple with FaceTime. You can gather up to 32 of your best study partners and get your work done with ease. FaceTime is perfect for brainstorming, collaborating, or celebrating! Learn how to use FaceTime with a Group >  

If your Wi-Fi is weak, you can use your iPad as a hotspot to get your other devices, like a laptop, online fast. Visit this link to learn how to share the cellular data connection of your iPad to other devices.  

Move It Beyond the Apps 

Harnessing technology is crucial to learning and life at Northeastern. Connect with key tech resources—from Wi-Fi to academic websites that personalize your experience and empower your learning. Here’s a tip, learn how to bookmark websites on your iPad > 

  • Sites at Northeastern has free, easy-to-use websites and blog templates for academic, personal, and research via WordPress. 
  • Student Hub is a personalized, experience-driven platform that serves as a daily home base for Northeastern students.
  • Canvas is the home base for all Northeastern courses. 
  • Connect to Tech helps you navigate technology for learning, research, and day-to-day life at Northeastern.
  • LinkedIn Learning fuels your learning and professional development.
  • Statuspage keeps you informed on the status of the  university’s IT systems; sign up for notifications of scheduled maintenance periods or known outages.

Use It to Make an Impact

Say goodbye to heavy backpacks and reduce waste! Replace your notebooks, binders, and more with your iPad. From digital textbooks to note-taking apps, your iPad lightens your load and helps Northeastern’s sustainability efforts by going paperless! 

Take It To Go! 

Remember, your new iPad is mobile, flexible, and yours to keep! Northeastern students are part of the university’s global system of campuses in the U.S., U.K., and Canada, and the experience can take you anywhere—from the Oakland campus’s green oasis to the vibrant urban communities of California’s Bay Area, and throughout the world. Technology can help facilitate your connections every step of the way.